SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a very good and effective marketing strategy for companies. It is an online marketing method which enables the websites to get higher rankings in the search engine result pages.

SEO has a positive impact on any business, be it small, medium or large. It not only markets your business online, but also ensures your website has the right content, required keywords and effective landing pages to capture the vital information from your potential customers. This is extremely important to increase the visibility of your website and attract more potential customers, thus effectively improving your business.

Is SEO a better marketing method than the regular advertisements on different forms of media? Yes, studies show SEO has a better impact on the common man’s mind when it comes to marketing your business.

SEO Improves Traffic

Today, everyone does their research on products and services, online. People don’t really depend on information passed on by word of mouth nor do they refer multiple sources. Everyone wants information at their fingertips. Searching for information online has become the norm. So, when a searcher enters a keyword related to your business or specifically searches for your product or service, they will click on the first few links that show up on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Not everyone has the patience to go through multiple pages of results and gather information.

So, when you do SEO in a right way, it ensures that your website ranks high in the top results of the search. When your website is among the top results, you will have more number of people clicking on the link and reading through your content. This will increase your visibility and when your website has the right set of keywords, it will automatically be among the top results, when any of the keywords are searched for.

SEO Increases Conversion

Not every person who clicks on your link or goes through your website is going to buy your service or product. But, when the traffic to your website increases, it increases the chances of potential customers visiting your website. This is one of the most important factors that will help in improving your business. Sometimes, when people land on your page due to some related search, they may be willing to try and eventually become your customer. The main idea of marketing is to educate more people about your business and that is exactly what SEO does for you.

SEO techniques use the right keywords for your business. When a searcher searches for something related to your business, your webpage is shown on the SERP and people will click on it and go through your website. Sometimes, people will be directed to your website through other related websites, it is the targeted crowd that is directed to your webpage. This results in an increase in traffic and eventually conversion.

Business Credibility Improves With SEO

When your website is made search engine friendly with SEO, your website will be ranked higher. When it is ranked higher, it will reflect more on SERPs. When something is ranked high, people tend to trust it. Hence, when the search engine shows your website as a relevant result for a search, people will trust it and buy your product or service.  When people want help, they are going to call the first person in the directory or the SERP and not the one in the fifth page. In order to be in the first page, you need effective SEO that will ensure you are always ranked high.

SEO Has a Higher ROI

Marketing techniques comes from number of mediums and some are more effective than the others. Television advertisement and billboards are some of the all-time famous marketing methods that have a positive impact on people’s mind. Today, studies show that SEO has a better ROI than all other advertising.

This form of marketing is highly effective as it influences people when they are actually looking for something specific, unlike advertisements that reach the people when they are busy doing something else or are fully focussed on the program on TV. When people are not disturbed by the marketing, they reciprocate better which is what happens when searchers are finding for something online, their buying intent is a lot higher. Also, when searchers are shown some website as highly ranked, when they are searching for something specific, they tend to click on the link immediately. This produces quicker results and hence a better return on your investment.

SEO Helps You Know Your Customers

SEO helps to attract the right traffic to your website. When the potential customers visit your website, Google has tools to track their online behaviour and helps you gather valuable information like how long they were on your website, how many pages they clicked on, how many times they visited your website, etc.

When you know the behaviour of your potential customers, you can understand their needs better and provide accordingly. You get valuable information about your potential customers like where are they from, what they are looking for, how did they land on your page, etc. This enables you to know what exactly helped and what did not make a difference in your website. This information is very critical to attract the right crowd.

Every business has a target audience and when you understand the behaviour of your target audience, you can make the necessary changes or offer accordingly. You can even alter your business strategies or influence your business development with such information. When you know what your customers want, you know which direction your business should progress in.

SEO – Your Business Needs It

SEO is not something that your business can do without, in the current digitally growing world. Every business has a website and everyone is striving to get the top spots in the SERP. With the right SEO, your website can not only become the right website according to the search engine standards, but can also become the familiar website for recurring customers or searchers. Today, the better your website is marketed, the better is your business growth. A website that ranks on the first page is much better than 5 retails store that you rent outside as website can reach out to everyone much more effectively 24/7 and 10 times cheaper with much higher conversion rate.

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