Flowers play an important role in weddings. They not only set the mood of the occasion, they also symbolise the fragility and beauty of the love being celebrated. So finding the right wedding florist is akin to finding the perfect wedding dress. After all, you will work closely with your florist to make your dream wedding a reality.

The best wedding florists will not only give suggestions about flowers and arrangements, but will also be willing to collaborate in order to meet your unique taste and personal style. To help you out in selecting the perfect partner, here are a few time-tested tips.

Ask for referrals

There’s a reason why crowdsourcing works. You get the information you need without expending too much time and effort. So to start, get referrals from close friends and family, preferably those who have acquired the services of a wedding florist. Most likely they’ll be upfront and honest about their feedback so you can whittle down your list to the highly recommended vendors.

Do your research

You probably already have florists in mind. If not, you may have wedding pegs from which you can track down which wedding florists helped supply and arrange the flowers for the occasion. From there you can check their sites for their portfolio. Just remember that their social media and other official sites would always have their works presented in the best possible light, so try to widen your search for reviews and testimonials in case they’re merely downplaying or hiding negative feedbacks.

Set a budget

It’s easier to negotiate with a wedding florist if you have a budget in mind. Otherwise, you might get proposals well below or way over budget. So pick a florist with budget-friendly options. Their flexibility not only shows their extensive experience on different kinds of weddings, this will also be a good indicator that they can work around your budget or meet you in the middle to avoid overinflating your expenses.

Go to bridal events and fairs

Bridal events and fairs are great venues to scout for quality florists for a wide range of budgets. Typically, vendors participating in events like these would offer discounts and promos to get the necessary ROI for their investment in attending the said event. In addition, because there are tons of competition in the area, they would be inclined to offer a lot of options and promotions to score a deal or draw clients to their booth. This is great because if you approach them outside of similar events, you would likely get the regular rate.

Rate their responsiveness

Finally, customer service is a useful indicator of the quality of service provided by any company. Weddings, especially, are highly stressful to mount so you’d want professionals who would be responsive to your requests or queries. For instance, flower deliveries in Singapore take pride in indicating how fast they can ship fresh flowers to their customer. Similarly, how quickly they respond to your inquiries informs you of the size of their manpower, you also get a sense of how much value they assign to you.