Singapore has one of the best education but also one of the most challenging and tough. In order to nurture the young talents and cultivate the academic skills of the students, classes at schools and colleges are not sufficient. So, here are the best tuition centre in Singapore where students are trained on a variety of courses:

Making Sense – A’ Level and O’ Level Chemistry Tuition

Making Sense

A specialist at only a single subject – Chemistry, Making Sense has built a solid reputation and is widely regarded as the nation’s leading Chemistry tuition. Led by award-winning tutor Mr William Lin, the centre has transformed the grades of over 6000 students since their humble beginning in 2011.

At Making Sense, the tutors aspire to change the notion that chemistry is a mundane subject that few will excel in. Learning chemistry need not be a struggle with the correct coaching and guidance.

Founder Mr William Lin is one of the most sought-after Chemistry Tutors in Singapore with exclusive features in the Channel NewsAsia and The Straits Times. He is well-liked for his dynamism, clarity and ability to simplify complicated concepts. Picking only the cream of the crop, Mr William has built a team of highly qualified and dedicated tutors who is ready to make a difference to students. Every year, over 800 students join Making Sense to be coached by their highly regarded team.

THE PHYSICS CAFE (PMC) – Physics, Maths & Chemistry Specialist


THE PHYSICS CAFE is founded by renowned physics super tutor and ex-RJC lecturer Mr Dave Sim in 2010. It is one of the tried and tested specialist’s tuition centres for Secondary/IP and JC Physics, Maths and Chemistry. As one of the most reviewed tuition centres by parents and students, it is also featured in The Straits Times, The New paper,, Vulcan Post and many other news outlets. The locations are conveniently located next to Beauty World MRT, Novena MRT and Paya Lebar MRT and Bishan MRT.

They have a team of highly sought-after tutors who are chauffeured by the school driver between the centre to ensure consistent high standard of our lessons. The student outstanding academic results prove that their teaching methods has an effective winning formula. 80% of the students continuously achieved “A” in their GCE A-level exam and 90% of the IP/Sec students continuously achieved “A” in their final IP Exam and GCE O-level exam. This stellar results doubles the country average of 40% “A” and is higher than the percentage A of the top-tier IP schools in Singapore.

“The course structure in PMC is built based on my belief that we should spend time to develop the student’s problem-solving skills, instead of concepts. Once you are good in problem solving, you will be good in concepts. Once you are good in the subject, you will love it. LOVE will always come the last.”
– Mr Dave Sim, Founder

Gavin Tuition

Gavin Tuition

Gavin Tuition is a premier tuition centre in Singapore that offer classes to all levels of studies from pre-school to junior college. Having a team of experienced and passionate tutors that won multiple awards like “Golden Bull Award” and “Promising SME 500 Award”, Gavin Tuition have help many students achieve “A” in exams. They also offer a paid trial lesson as diagnostic to students as they are confident students will experience an enjoyable learning experience and sign up with them.

They focus on providing students a modern and comfortable environment for learning. Rooms are air conditioned with spacious study areas and excellent lightning. Classes are conducted with fewer students as a lower student-to-tutor ratio means more personalized attention to focus on student’s weakness and more effective learning.

Tutors are friendly and approachable to encourage students to ask more questions. This can help cultivate closer relationships between tutors and students for quickly access to feedback.

Gavin Tuition offer franchising options to anyone who have the same vision in educating students to their true potential in an academic-focused environment. Their franchise model is flexible to each individual or business depending on their lifestyle and financial constraints.

Twig Learning Center

Twig Learning Center

Twig Learning Center is a premier tuition centre founded by Mr Donnell Koh, a former Meridian and Raffles Junior College tutor, who has more than 20 years of teaching experience and has coached thousands of students. They specialised in providing A-Level, O-Level and IP chemistry lessons. Their vision is to help students reach their full potential in learning Chemistry. Classes are taught in a fun and interesting way to keep students stay engaged at all times. Difficult concepts are simplified along with problem solving questions for easier understanding and learning. Mr Koh teaches Chemistry concepts with such clarity. He also imparts effective problem solving skills so that students can apply whatever they learn into any question.

Twig Learning Center provides post-lesson videos to help students absorb and retain learning more effectively. Short quizzes and tests are also given to access on student level of understanding. This way, tutors can tackle on each student weakness so no one will be lacking behind. These methods have been proven effective as 97% of their students have shown improvement and have went on to achieve distinctions in their Chemistry exams.

Mr Koh have released a book called “The Ultimate A-Level Chemistry Summary”. it is a complication of Chemistry guide book from his 20 years of experience teaching and understanding of the requirements for A Level H2 Chemistry syllabus. The book release has shown Mr Koh incredible experience and knowledge in Chemistry. Twig Learning Center and Mr Koh’s Ultimate Summary Book is the key if you are looking to ace your A-level Chemistry exams.

Eeek!onomics – A Level & IB economics


Eeek!onomics by Roots & Shoots Education Hub is helmed by one of the most popular Economics tutors in Singapore – Mrs Michelle Tan who has taught the IB Economics syllabus in an international school and formerly an Education Consultant of Economics in Hwa Chong Institution (JC). Trained directly under Cambridge chief examiners, she is well qualified to teach the syllabus and has also released a popular summary guidebook for the new A Level syllabus.

Mrs Michelle Tan is well known for her capability to identify the strengths and weaknesses of her students. It helps her to conduct more effective teaching and learning and have since helped students of differing abilities to achieve outstanding results. With more than 15 years of experience, she has tutored students from almost all the colleges in Singapore including private candidates. 

Unlike many other centres that conduct mass lectures, all lessons are conducted in small groups for effective learning and students receive timely feedback. In addition, IB students receive mentorship for their internal assessments. Resources are designed such that all economics concepts are taught rigorously through well-crafted questions that build up their knowledge from simple to complex, equipping students with the ability to apply well to any real-world context. Our centre’s question bank includes questions and answers from all the various schools and original questions set by us, in alignment to the syllabus requirements.

Miracle Learning Centre – Specialist in Science and Maths for Pri, Sec, JC

Miracle Learning Centre is a tuition centre in Singapore founded in 2008. It specializes in providing Mathematics and Science lessons to Primary, Secondary and JC students. Majority of their teachers including one of the founders are ex-teachers who have great experience and well-versed in their particular subjects. It is conveniently and centrally located in Bukit Timah next to Beauty World MRT.

Miracle’s vision is to help students absorb theories and concepts faster by implementing easy to understand teaching methods. Different teaching strategies are used for each subject. For example, Mathematics classes apply the “AAA” systematic approach to Math problem solving while Science classes carry out experiments. Each class is kept small for better student-teacher ratio. Learning for each student is further enhanced as no student will get left behind. Worksheets are also specially customized to improve students’ understanding.

Miracle Learning Centre truly believes every child is a miracle and capable to excel in school. All you need is the right approach and passion to help the students. Miracle aims to expand this approach to all students in Singapore and create more miracles in other people’ lives.

Learners’ Lodge / ‘O’ Level Master– The top choice ‘A’ and ‘O’ Level Tuition Specialists

Learners’ Lodge is the current market leading ‘A’ Level specialist tuition centre in Singapore with a truly comprehensive subject offering in Mathematics, General Paper, Economics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology over a 13 year established history of consistent track records of generating bona fide successful results across 25,000 students. Graduates report a typical minimum 2 grade improvement and thousands have scored distinctions in the ‘A’ Level examinations, enabling most in gaining admission to Ivy League Universities or other global elite universities of world renown. A few graduates’ performances have even won recognition and prestigious scholarships such as President’s Scholarship Awards.

The key distinguishing feature of their programmes are the customised work schemes and learning materials tailored to the different and varying topical schedules from each Singaporean Junior College (JC), giving students an integrated and complementary learning experience in tandem with their schools. The Learners’ Lodge pedagogical philosophy is a holistic yet results-oriented approach which aims at creating the most conducive learning journey and defining the optimal personalised exam strategy for every single student to achieve ‘A’ Level exam success. Carefully refined and delivered by a team of highly experienced, MOE qualified, ex NIE-trained subject specialist super tutors who have held senior teaching positions in the various top JCs in Singapore, all their tuition programmes are each unique, effective and fully integrated educational courses, making Learner’s Lodge the first choice ‘A’ Level tuition centre in Singapore.

Learners’ Lodge has also launched its ‘O’ Level product offering under its subsidiary O-Level Master brand which is derived from the same tried and tested pedagogical philosophy and educational talent as its ‘A’ Level counterpart. Collectively, the Learners’ Lodge and O Level Master brands offer truly all encompassing supplementary tuition programmes across all major subjects for any Singaporean teenager in secondary schools and JCs.

Our Learning Loft

Our Learning Loft is a premium education centre specialising in experiential learning for Primary & Secondary students.

Taught by highly experienced and passionate teachers, every lesson involves hands-on experiences alongside practical scenarios so that concepts from the PSLE, GCE “O” Level and IP Programme syllabi can be easily appreciated.

Through a carefully curated curriculum that weaves in immersive thematic content with real-world scenarios, students will experience the practical applications of concepts learnt. This paves the way for a deeper and more holistic understanding of the content, leading eventually to mastery of the subject.

Apart from helping students achieve excellent grades, Our Learning Loft believes in nurturing the overall development of every student. This includes placing emphasis on communication skills and teamwork through regular peer-based learning and presentations during their lessons. In addition, students are encouraged to be adapatable and resourceful by thinking of out the box when it comes to everyday problem solving.

If you are looking to ignite a love for learning in your child and to elicit the best in him or her, Our Learning Loft is just the place for you.

Aspire Hub Education

Aspire Hub Education one of the reputed organizations in providing quality educations since 2001. Apart from concentrating on the academics of the students, they also engage in personality development, vocational skills such as improve self-esteem, speaking skills to prepare the students specially to face the competitive world.

They are passionate to bring out the best of clients of all ages with a supportive environment. They are sure to make them become achievers in life. They play a part in working closely with schools in Singapore providing training to teachers and students every year. They believe their contribution can bring the future generation the capability to be a champion not just in academia but also in character.


JustEdu is a tuition centre which aims to promote fun learning by teachers who are passion from the heart. They are founded in 1999 and have since grew to 11 centres located across Singapore teaching from primary level to JC levels. They have relied heavily on the word of mouth from happy parents and students who had a good enjoyable experience.

JustEdu adopts a unique teaching strategy to empower the students with dynamic skills and quality knowledge. The study materials they provide are prepared meticulously by an expert team of specialists. Multimedia technology used in the classroom sessions make education all the more interesting for the students in pre-primary, primary, secondary and junior college levels. They also have their enrichment programs to help the students to discover their potential.

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