Singapore, popularly known as the playground for the rich, has good educational institutions where students from all over the world study. In order to nurture the young talents and cultivate the academic skills of the students, classes at schools and colleges are not sufficient. So, here are the best tuition centre in Singapore where students are trained on a variety of courses:

The Learning Lab

This fifteen year old institution is famous for providing enrichment lessons in subjects like Maths, Chinese, English and Sciences. Many students from the institutions have done extremely well at PSLE. The equality of education here has made it possible for the students to get selected by some of the most renowned universities of the world such as Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard. Courses for pre-school, primary, secondary are taught here along with a few subjects for junior college. Some of their students have even been awarded the Singapore Public Service Commission’s President Scholarship.


At Pencil-tutor, highly qualified teachers teach subjects like accounts, science and humanities for students of classes 8 to 16. Instead of boring class-room sessions, Pencil-tutors aim at making it interesting for the students with e-learning and interactive sessions. The uniqueness of this institution lies in small batch sizes which allows for individual attention. Other benefits include free guidance with school homework, analysis of exam question papers and student analysis. With the help of student analysis, the strengths and weaknesses of each student are determined and thereafter motivational counseling is done to provide the correct advice and guidance to the students.

Best Mathematics Tuition Center

This is a reputed institution in Singapore concerned with teaching Mathematics for secondary and pre-university courses. All the teachers are present or ex faculty members of some of the most famous schools in Singapore. They are highly qualified and experienced and also dedicated to their profession. They use their valuable knowledge and experience to impart knowledge to the students in the best way possible. Though the main subject of focus is Maths, other Subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and General Paper are also taught. For students who dread the subject called Maths, this coaching center is the ideal one since it will help in arousing the interest for this subject in the children.

Radiance Training Center

This Education Center in Jurong, West Street, Singapore provides quality education to the Pre-School level students. The institution aims at nurturing the talents of the children at these early years of learning with the aim of creating a strong foundation for future education. The students of Radiance Learning Center have track records of excellent performance in their school examination and other tests. Students of classes 6 to 12 are taught here in small batches with utmost care and perfection. The tutors here believe in step by step approach of studying using examples and assignments. The programs include primary level to A-level program and also secondary level programs in Pr1-6.

Inspire Education Center

This is a premier institution in Singapore providing O and A level education. Apart from quality classroom teaching, they provide some useful study materials. Their rates are 150$ for primary level English, Maths and Science, $180 for secondary level (1-2) English, Maths, Literature and Science, $210-$360 for Secondary Level (3-4) English, Maths, Social Studies, History, Geography and other subjects. The rate varies depending on the duration of classes and subject chosen. All the tutors have acquired their degrees from renowned universities and are experienced to provide quality assistance to the students.

Paideia Learning Academy

The academy was founded by a team from the renowned Raffles Institution and provides education in subjects like English, Maths, Education, Science for students of primary and secondary level, IGCSE, junior college. It also June Holidays Computing Program, Junior Tech Program and Advanced Tech Program. Their tutors are specially selected and trained by the mentors so that the students are taught with utmost precision and affection. They also have courses in preparation for school admission.

Mind Champs

It is famous in the whole world as a seat for learning and education. They have programs in Reading (to help the students to gain confidence in public speaking), Writing (to develop the writing skills), Think Cap Learning Experience (in primary, secondary and tertiary levels), Primary 5 Success (with the aim of understanding and relating to the subjects in school) and PSLE Success. The trainers in this institution are selected through a multi-stage process and are specially educated to provide the perfect guidance to the students. Mind Champs believes in a principle of 4 A’s- Active Understanding, Active Storage, Active Recall and Application.

Ignite Tuition Center

The Ignite Tuition Center provides systematic classroom coaching at an economical rate and offers courses in primary, secondary and junior college level. They are well-equipped with all the modern-day facilities and comfortable seating arrangements in AC classrooms to ensure a favorable environment for studying. There are provisions for free consultancies, referral programs and complimentary beverages as well. The main motto of the organization is to ignite the passion for learning in the hearts of small children.

Aspire Hub Education

This has been one of the reputed organizations in providing quality educations since 2001. It also provides tuition at a lower rate. Aspire Hub Education has as many as eight branches. Apart from concentrating on the academics of the students, they also engage in personality development, vocational skills and prepare the students specially to face the competitive world. The institution is affiliated to Aspire Hub Coaching International, Kenneth King, Elevo Coaching and Aspire 360.

Just Education

It adopts a unique teaching strategy to empower the students with dynamic skills and quality knowledge. The study materials they provide are prepared meticulously by an expert team of specialists. Multimedia technology used in the classroom sessions make education all the more interesting for the students in pre-primary, primary, secondary and junior college levels. They also have their enrichment programs to help the students to discover their potential.

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