Listed below are the top 10 maid agencies recommendation in Singapore for you to make an informed choice. Finding a suitable agency and recruiting helper to take over some of your significant work load is not the easiest thing to do today. How will you ensure that the concerned person is efficient and reliable enough to handle your home housekeeping cleaning duties? As we all know how appearances can be deceptive, hiring a maid should be done only on the basis of accurate information and research.

Nation Employment

Having sprung its roots in the year 1994, Nation Employment helps you hire Foreign Domestic services. The agency’s popularity stems from the fact that the training is an in-house facility, ensuring that only the best possible standards are met. A wide spectrum of services is covered and a comprehensive training drive is maintained. It is not for nothing that this agency was the first ever to be ISO certified by PSB. Training is not restricted to general household activities alone but stretches out to customizable training programs to meet ultimate customer satisfaction. The agency also offers the unique option of getting the maids to be hired trained directly on site.


JForce is the leading employment service provider in Singapore. JForce bloomed from a small idea and blossomed into something revolutionary. Today, the firm provides a reliable workforce to industries and families throughout the entire country. The company follows unique protocols to ensure it is able to accommodate the needs and requirements of all clients. In fact, JForce has become the binding link between employer and employee. By better understanding the client’s situation and requirements, the team is able to find the perfect candidate for each unique scenario.

The JForce team works equally hard for suppliers, clients, and employees to ensure each person involved receives the best service humanly possible. The company sincerely understands that accurate placement of each employee is beneficial for everyone involved. JForce strives to achieve that ultimate success for each and every client. Our company manages the most skilled workforce in Singapore and knows how to ensure they’re placed appropriately.

Whether you’re looking for employment or need to hire a maid in Myanmar or Indonesia, JForce has you covered.


Who would not love an online portal with detailed information and a user-friendly interface to substitute for the running around you would usually do to look for a maid? Finding the perfect helper just got easier with detailed bio-data of people you could look to hire from potential agencies. How is this portal more helpful than visited physical agencies? It offers you different perspectives by the virtue of having information about a wide range of services. Whether you choose to hire full-time maids, part-timers or confinement nanny services, at Good-Maid, you will find the list of highly recommended agencies and you could use this very portal to hire maids registered with MOM to give you the best experience.

Island Maids

Island Maids is an agency that believes in building healthy, long-lasting and rewarding relationships with their customers. This is the reason behind their carefully inspected selection of only the best people in this industry. Their objective behind personally interviewing their applicants is to assess their strengths and their weaknesses so that while training them, they could work on enhancing the former and modifying the latter. Now when a customer needs to hire a maid, they would be able to recommend the right kind based on the required services. They do not believe in the one-size-fits-all approach and attempt to offer tailor-made services for ultimate customer satisfaction.


One of the leading maid agency services in Singapore, Homekeeper ensures that you don’t need to lose sleep over finding the best possible services after you or any of family members is discharged from the hospital. With care services including general household requirements, elderly care as well as infant care, this agency has over an incredible 19 years of experience in this field. Both domestic and overseas workers are equipped with relevant skills imparted to them through the best possible training from efficient trainers in the system. To keep their services competent and more accessible, the agency also keeps itself abreast of global recruitment networks.


This online portal works differently from that of others in the sense that it offers you an exhaustive database of around a 100 maids that are registered with maid agencies recognized by the Ministry of Manpower. You, being the employer, can go through detailed profiles of people you are choosing to hire. This online platform serves the dual purpose of being beneficial for both the employer and the agency. It assist the employer in finding a suitable maid based on individual preferences as well as serves as an advertising campaign for potential agencies that receive wider recognition on online portals such as this than their usual means.

Raymond Maids

Raymond Maids hiring agency has been living up to its name since 1989. Offering the services of domestic workers for elderly care, child care, housekeeping etc, they believe in preparing their resources in the best possible manner to significantly reduce attrition. To ensure that the customer is always sure of what he/she is hiring, they keep a pre-recorded video of all their workers that can be thoroughly assessed before hiring. Moreover, there is the option of interviewing the workers on Skype and on phone to have a proper background check. Only trained and trusted workers are offered to you by the Raymond Maid agency.

Budget Maid

When you have a specific requirement at hand that can only be carried out by hiring a domestic worker, but at the same time you are pressed for finances, Budget Maid hiring agency will help you find your answers. With the comfort of affordable and reliable maids, and the free replacement service guarantee within 6 months of employment, this agency is quite a favorite among employers. Transparent hiring policies and absolute customer confidentiality add to its popularity. Additionally, if a worker needs to be transferred to another employer, this agency will assist you in carrying it out with applicable terms and conditions.


When you need local domestic helpers in Singapore without the hassles of providing food, lodging and other expenses, there is nothing better than the services that the company Jayamaids could offer. All their workers are trained in Central Java and that makes them adapt quickly to the local requirements. This company takes over all the paperwork and rule adhering policies laid out by the MOM so that you can simply hire the best without investing your time and energy in the wrong places. It is not a surprise that they have been offering maids to more than 30,000 customers and over 20 agencies in Singapore, while taking care of the specific needs and requirements of each individual.

Chaindrra Maid Agency

Whether you need maids for pregnant patients, infant and childcare, physically and mentally challenged individuals or household needs, Chaindrra Amid agency ensures that you only receive premium services for all your requirements. Taking over the responsibilities of thorough medical checkups of their workers, the arrival and departure of the domestic helpers, retaining your house help while you are on vacation, it does not come as a surprise to know that this agency is the first ever to win Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise Award for 2012 as well as 2013. This agency takes hiring maids to an absolutely different level with their unique facilities and services on board.

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