Listed below are the top 10 best maid agencies in Singapore for you to make an informed choice. Finding a suitable agency and recruiting helper to take over some of your significant work load is not the easiest thing to do today. How will you ensure that the concerned person is efficient and reliable enough to handle your home housekeeping cleaning duties? As we all know how appearances can be deceptive, hiring a maid should be done only on the basis of accurate information and research.


J Force Maid Agencies in Singapore
J Force Maid Agencies in Singapore

JForce is the leading employment service provider in Singapore. JForce bloomed from a small idea and blossomed into something revolutionary. Today, the firm provides a reliable workforce to industries and families throughout the entire country. The company follows unique protocols to ensure it is able to accommodate the needs and requirements of all clients. In fact, JForce has become the binding link between employer and employee. By better understanding the client’s situation and requirements, the team is able to find the perfect candidate for each unique scenario.

The JForce team works equally hard for suppliers, clients, and employees to ensure each person involved receives the best service humanly possible. The company sincerely understands that accurate placement of each employee is beneficial for everyone involved. JForce strives to achieve that ultimate success for each and every client. Our company manages the most skilled workforce in Singapore and knows how to ensure they’re placed appropriately.

Whether you’re looking for employment or need to hire a maid in Myanmar or Indonesia, JForce has you covered.


OKAYLAH maid agency in singapore

OkayLah services maid Agency ensure that the customers are provided with the perfect helper that match their requirements and needs.
“Creating Vibrant Smile for Modern Lifestyle”

OkayLah Services Maid Agency help to employ helper from
1) Myanmar
2) Philippines
3) Indonesia
4) India (DARJEELING Maid, Mizoram Maid, North-India Maid, Tamil Maid, Telgu Maid, Gujrati Maid, Sikkim Maid, Manipuri Maid)
5) SriLanka

OkayLah is one of the fastest growing agency in terms of building the customer base. OkayLah Services maid agency has the aim of creating vibrant smile for their customers modern lifestyle. OkayLah does screen each and every profile very carefully and provide a best Match for their customers. They assess the potential of helper by checking their interest, willingness to learn and get the best match which can adjusted to new environment.

Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd

Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd maid agency in singapore

Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd was founded in 1986 to meet the rising needs of busy families. Since then, they have served 3 generations of families, exceeding 10,000 customers over 30 years. They have exceptional experience in searching for the perfect match between employers and foreign domestic helpers ensuring a high level of employer’s satisfaction.

They specialise in providing foreign domestic helpers mainly from Indonesia, Myanmar, and Philippines. They are also experts in the placement of transfers maids or helping employers to direct hire foreign domestic helpers that they know.

Many new customers do engage Universal Employment Agency because of personal referrals from satisfied employers and foreign domestic helpers year after year This proves that they pride themselves in always delivering a high level of consistency in providing a professional service, which has enabled them to establish themselves as a market leader for over 30 years which makes them one of the best maid agencies in Singapore.

Engage their services if you are planning to hire a maid soon and leverage on their expertise to find the right maid for your family. After all, your family deserve the best, so choosing the best maid agency is the right thing to do for your loved ones! Call Universal @ 6735 3456 today or simply go to their website @ to browse maid profiles and submit your requirements.

JL Recruitment

JL recruitment maid agency in singapore

JL Recruitment is one of the most established maid agencies that have the best Google business review in Singapore, an incredibly high rating of 4.8 ratings from hundreds of customers. They have 10 years of expertise in providing competent and reliable domestic helpers from Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar to meet every household needs.

JL Recruitment place high importance in customer services by focusing on three main values – friendliness, willingness to serve and reliability services to the customer. These values have helped them in maintaining and building good trusting relationships with customers. Therefore, customers have been willing to recommend their services not just to their close friends and relatives but also to netizens through Google business review.

In order to ensure customer’s satisfaction, helpers are well-trained in many areas. Some of the training are:

Child Care – Trained to give children a safe and caring environment for them to grow well in their physical, cognitive and social development. Special training is also given for taking care of toddlers.

Cooking –  Ability to serve tasty and well-balanced meals for families.

Aged Care – Knowledge and skills on how to take care of elderly by managing their emotional and physical needs.

Cleaning – Keeping the house clean in an effective and efficient way.

Maid Avenue

maid avenue maid agency in singapore

Maid Avenue is a maid agency that aims to provide families with the most affordable price packages available in Singapore. As the cost of hiring maids have been increasing each year, many families have started to feel the pressure of increasing household expenses. Maid Avenue provides the solution by displaying full transparency of their pricing package on their website. Full details of each package are shown clearly to prove their commitment on providing the cheapest packages available and not afraid of potential customers comparing prices with their competitors.

They also capped the loan of helpers to a maximum of 2 months to cater to different levels of family’s income groups, reducing both the employer and helpers financial burden. Even though they focused on providing helpers at an affordable rate, the helpers are very well-trained with relevant skills and experience. Customers can easily view helper’s data on their website to see their specific skills and experience on each category of work.

Maid Avenue also aims to expand gradually by offering franchise option to interested parties at a reasonable cost of $30k. They will support you from the start and get your business going with their proven franchise model. Contact them at 86111252 to know more about their franchise details. They are also expanding internally by looking to hire passionate staff. Contact them at 86111252 if you are keen to work in a modern work-life balance environment.

Assured Employment Services Pte Ltd

Assured Employment Services Pte Ltd

Assured Employment Services Pte Ltd was founded in 2012 with the vision to provide the most suitable and most well-trained foreign domestic helpers to every family in Singapore. They ensure full transparency in their pricing policy and demanded only  providing the best trained helpers with the right attitude and mentality, all these for the objective of building long term trusting relationship with their customers.

The company is accredited with the Indonesia and Philippines Embassy and they have great experience in sourcing helpers from Indonesia, Philippines and Myanmar. All helpers went through stringent selection processes and are trained in their source countries to ensure they are equipped with standard skillset such as cleaning, cooking, elderly and infant care. The applicants will also need to undergo lessons on understanding more about Singapore languages and culture to help them quickly settle down to a new environment.

Since inception, Assured Employment Services has more than one thousand happy customers and the number is growing year after year. The company believes that best way to expand its business is by word of mouth. With such mindset, the company constantly reviews and improve their processes and ensure all their staffs put customer satisfaction as their first priority and all their customers can be ASSURED!

License No: 12C6192

A1 Employment Agency Pte Ltd

A1 Employment Agency Pte Ltd is a well-established maid agency in Singapore with more than 14 years of experience. They have since served thousands of happy families with their professional and quality service. They also have a proven track record of low transfer rate and high retention rate of customers. These shows their ability to provide great helpers to their customers and have the consistency to build a long term working relationship with them.

A1 Employment Agency Pte Ltd fully believe in building up their business trust and reputation by finding the perfect match between customers and helpers. As finding the right helper can be a difficult task, strict screening and interviews are done to filter out the best helper with relevant skill set that are suitable and ready to work in the family.

They have 2 offices located at Orchard Road and Bukit Timah, central of Singapore, which is easily accessible and convenient for customers reach them. It also helps to serve customer’s needs across the country with maximum efficiency. Customers who are looking for the perfect helper will be guaranteed to receive the best valued service from one of the most dedicated maid agencies in Singapore.

Island Maids

At Island Maids, they believe getting a maids is not a one-size-fits-all enterprise. All maids are personally interviewed to ensure their skills and abilities are up to standards. This helps them to recommend them a maid that suits the families culture and needs.

Their offices are stationed all around Singapore to help serve families with maximum efficiency. With many years of experience in the maid industry, they are proud to have a low transfer rates of maids which means families are happy with the maids recommended by Island Maids.

The reason for their success is due to their vision of providing “the right service”, “the right fit” and “the right training”. They provide a list of service that helps families have easy process of all the paper work. The right fits mean providing a maids that suits the family needs and environment. Lastly the right training means giving the correct training that the people in Singapore are looking for. By consistently focusing on these 3 values, they are heading towards the direction to be the best maid agencies in Singapore

Reliable Maids

Reliable Maids is one of the newer kids on the block.

That being said, their process driven, quality assured way of hiring a helper guarantees to bring you a reliable, trained domestic helper ready to support you and your family.

They are the only maid agency to run through a full 350+ systemized, household checklist with each helper that is given to both you and your helper.

With clear, standard pricing across all maids, Reliable Maids has one of the most competitive agency fees on the market.

Signing up for a helper from Reliable Maids also gives you their copyright list of 350+ household chores that they brief each helper before they join any family, both in English and also in Burmese, Bahasa Indonesia or Tagalog!

EA License: 19C9956

1 Assist Agency

1 Assist Agency (MOM License No: 14C7037) is an MOM licensed Employment Agency in Singapore which provide the service to hire full time domestic helpers. We are in partnership with the Agency of Integrated Care (AIC) to facilitate the hire of helpers for needy Elderly in Singapore. We would be able to advise the availability of different course for helpers to undergo training so that they would be in better position to perform their job more effectively.

We would also be able to advise the availability of different government grant for eligible employers to lessen their financial burden when they hire the helpers. In addition, we are in partnership with our Overseas counter-part ( Myanmar, Indonesia) to provide more Dialect/Mandarin Speaking helpers for deployment to Singapore for better communication with these type of Elderly.

Beside Elderly care support, we are also in partnership with a local company to train helpers for infant care prior to their deployment to employer house.