Below, you’ll find a rundown of best hair salon in Singapore. Singapore is truly a booming country, which is full of opportunities for locals, as well as international tourists. Whether you’re planning a vacation or must travel to the country for business, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the area’s top hair salons. In the event of a hairdo emergency, one of these salons will be able to fix you within a jiffy.


Apgujeong Hair Studio

Those living within Singapore will more than likely have heard of the Apgujeong Hair Studio. There are several storefronts throughout the country and each individualistic facility employs the best of the best. The studio offers a full array of Korean hair and make-up services, which will be sure to satisfy the entirety of your needs and desires. Whether you desire to transform your hairstyle or wish to provide it with a brand new color, Apgujeong will be able to help you achieve your dreams, without costing you an arm and a leg.

The company has partnered with some of the top hairdressing brands, including MUCOTA. This gives them the ability to create and maintain attractive and long-lasting hair and makeup styles!

Art-Noise Hairstyles

Singapore residents and tourists, who wants to transform their hair into a work of art, will want to plan a visit to the luxurious Art-Noise Japanese beauty hair salon! The facility, which originally opened in September of 2003, is consistently ranked near the top of list. Since their inception, the group has enlisted the help of 7 hairstylists, an eyelash extension expert, and a hair-coloring specialist. With Art-Noise, you can guarantee you’ll be able to fulfill your desires and achieve the precise hairstyle and makeup that you desire.

When visiting Art-Noise, you’ll be able to work with some of the top professionals in the business, including Shuji, Junko and Yukie! The group was recently rewarded the SPCN Management Contest Grand Prix Aware, so you should definitely check them out today!


Hair Salon Covo

The experts at the Hair Salon Covo know hair better than anyone. This salon offers a long list of services including advanced haircuts, which are designed to add glamour to your overall personality and facial characteristics. Other services include perms, rebounding, and dying, all of which are done using the highest quality products on the market. There are currently two locations in Singapore, Outram Park and Katong.

Before scheduling your appointment at the Hair Salon Covo, go to their website and check out their promotional offers. The environment is friendly, comfortable, and private or semi-private, so you can relax, while getting pampered.


When attempting to select a Singapore hair salon, it is often wise to choose an award winner. With this in mind, it is truly impossible to go wrong with Kelture. The company received the 2015 Bazaar Hair Aware for their Botanical Color Customization. Although those is undoubtedly impressive, the group’s other services also knock it out of the park. Aside from hair color, Kelture also offers hair & scalp treatments, retexturing, and even pre-service consultation, so you can get precisely what you want.

Another fabulous service provided by Kelture is their comprehensive bridal service. In the days leading up to your wedding, you’ll definitely want to visit the salon and take full advantage of their hairstylists, facial therapists and makeup artists!


The Jean Yip Group

Those looking for a one-stop shop for all of their hair, facial, body, and nail needs, will definitely want to pay a visit to one of the Jean Yip Group’s establishments. Aside from the aforementioned services, the group offers a comprehensive array of hairstyling services, which will be able to revamp your appearance to a whole new level! They have over 400 professional and thoroughly trained hairstylists within their arsenal and they’re willing to put them to full use for you!

Whether you utilize the salon’s Nano Jet Hair treatment or their Ombre Duo Color service, you can guarantee they’ll deliver a pleasant experience, good customer service and satisfying results! Booking a visit sooner rather than later is highly recommended.


Scissors Paper Stone

There is absolutely no doubt that each individual is different, when it comes to his or her hairstyle preferences. Throw in a youth and the problems become even more complicated. This is why parents should consider taking their children to Scissors Paper Stone! The hair salon has completely designed their facility and services for the younger generation. In fact, they even offer Memberships to those that use their services frequently. Each 8th haircut is provided to your child free of charge! 1st customers receive a photo keychain.

Of course, the biggest benefit of all is the fact that Scissors Paper Stone knows precisely how to get children to remain still, while also perfecting their hairstyle. If you have a child, who desperately needs a trim, Scissors Paper Stone has the lollipops, balloons, skills, and expertise to get it done to satisfaction!

Capello Loft

A new hairstyle can completely reinvent your style and reinvigorate your body. This is a concept that Capello knows first hand. This Singapore salon is considered widely to be one of the top hair and beauty salons within the entire country. The company goes above and beyond to ensure that clients will be able to experience innovation, when entering their facility. First and foremost, they only utilize the highest of quality products, including Redken. Secondly, the group offers new, unique hairstyles, which cannot be found anywhere else!

Finally, Patrick Low and Doris Thum, who have approximately 30 years of experience in conjunction, front the group. Suffice to say, there isn’t anything they haven’t seen, so you can guarantee they’ll be able to provide you with a hairstyle that you’ll absolutely love!


INVOGUE Hair & Beauty Salon

Whether you are new to the Singapore area or a native and have yet to find a hairstylist that will cater to your every need, you should definitely consider Invogue Hair & Beauty Salon. The atmosphere and hairstylists are very friendly and accommodating. This salon offers a wide variety of services, but nothing compares to their hair rebounding skills. Whether you are looking a hairstyle alteration or just a touchup, the professional team at INVOGUE, pledge to help you achieve a desirable outcome.

INVOGUE was recently awarded the Singapore Brand Award, which says a lot about the services provided by this fabulous team of hairstylists.


Act Point Salon

Those looking for an incredibly friendly, yet totally professional, Singapore hair salon would be wise to check out Act Point Salon. The facility operates 6 days a week and their hours are very generous. While visiting the facility, you’ll be able to receive service from some of the leading hairstylists in the industry, including Ivy, Sen Lim and Jess Kong! During your visit, you’ll also receive tips for blow drying and styling your hair! The group wants to ensure that their masterpieces will remain in tact and maintain their beauty for many months to come, so they’re more than willing to share their secrets.

The group offers a handful of excellent services, including hair color, cutting, styling, and perming. No matter what you need, you can guarantee Act Point Salon will be able to deliver!


Hair Plus

Those that are looking for a Singapore hair salon, which has extensive experience, should look no further than Hair Plus. The group’s Far East Plaza facility has been in business for over 10 years and it has managed to maintain an immaculate reputation, during this period of time! The facility is open 7 days a week, aside from public holidays, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty planning an appointment that works well with your schedule. When utilizing the services provided by Hair Plus, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be working hand in hand with a thoroughly experience Korean hairstylist.

Hair Plus offers many innovative services, including Balong Perm, Korean Digital Perm, Magic Volume Rebonding, and even a C-Curl Perm. If you’re looking for something original and breathtaking, you’ve got to check out Hair Plus today!


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