Below, you’ll find a breakdown of top 10 dental clinic in Singapore! Over the course of many years, Singapore has worked diligently to establish itself as one of the top medical oriented countries. The country has lured some of the top medical graduates away from their home countries in a bid to increase their Public Services Department, while also being able to ensure proper medical care is deliver to their citizens. The maneuver has also encouraged new tourism in the form of foreigners seeking cheaper medical services.


Q & M Dental Group

Q & M Dental Group dates back to November of 1996. Since the company’s inception, they’ve expanded to over 60 clinics. They’re now considered to be the larger private dental clinic group in all of Singapore. With over 180 dentists at their disposal, there truly isn’t much Q&M cannot do. The group offers orthodontic and endodontic services, as well as invisible braces and metal braces. When compared to the prices associated with dental groups from other countries, Q & M delivers prices, which are user friendly and entirely reasonable.

The group was labeled Frost & Sullivan’s Singapore Dental Company of the Year in 2015 and this is no coincidence. They’re topnotch and can undoubtedly restore your smile at substantially lower costs than what you’d pay elsewhere.

Unity Denticare

Unity Denticare services the Singapore communities, providing them with unbelievable dental care and advocacies. This NTUC Health member opened its doors in 1971 and has expanded throughout the country. Now with 20 functioning clinics and over 40 dental chairs, the group continues striving to give each patient high-quality, stress-free care. The professional staff and specialists are fully trained and certified to provide a long range of aesthetic, preventative, and restorative services.

Only state-of-the-art equipment, highest standard and safety precautions are utilized. The environment is designed to help patients relax and remain calm throughout the examination and treatment. Unity Denticare group is one of the best dental service providers in Singapore.


Healthway Dental Group

Those that are looking to undergo some type of dental work will definitely want to check out Healthway Dental Group or one of its subsidiaries. The group has been in the industry for a lengthy period of time and their experience is nearly unparalleled. Their clinics are stocked with the latest and most innovative equipment to ensure that your smile is brighter than ever before. They also utilize strict infection control and a comprehensive sterilization protocol to ensure that all patients receive optimum care with very little risk.

The company offers an array of services, including routine checkup, cosmetic dentistry, invisible braces and even gum treatment. When in need, Healthway Dental Group will definitely have a reliable solution!


FDC Dental Centre

There is truly an abundance of excellent dental clinic services in Singapore and FDC Dental Centre most certain ranks near the top of the list. The company’s dedication and persistence gives them a lead over much of the competition. In fact, they’re open 24 hours a day, even on Sunday! They have many locations, including Tampines, Taman Jurong, and Toa Payoh, where friendly dentists are awaiting to serve you! The company’s dental services are truly diverse.

They include anti-aging fixes, veneers, teeth whitening, implants, root canal treatment, and even dental bridges. Those needing dental work should definitely consider booking an appointment online with FDC Dental Centre immediately!

Parkway Dental Practice

If you’re looking for a Singapore dental practice, which offers competitive prices and flexible hours, you should look no further than Parkway Dental Practice. The company operates Monday through Saturday and is generally open until at least 4 PM each day. They’re Mediasave Accredited and those receiving Community Health Assistance Scheme benefits will be able to utilize them at this clinic. The group is also partnered many international and local health insurers, so they can provide patients with services rapidly and affordably.

The clinic employs some of Singapore’s top dentists, including Dr. Andrew Doig and Dr. Michele Chia. They offer a large selection of different services, including sedation dentistry, jaw surgery, gum surgery and even mini dental implants. When in need, you should definitely check them out!


dePacific Dental Group

Are you looking for a comprehensive dental care clinic, which works for the betterment of the local community? If so, you should look no further than dePacific Dental Group. This Singapore based dentist company has formulated a plan to make patients as comfortable and stress-free as possible, during their visits. The company’s thoroughly trained dentists and staff offer state-of-the-art dental services, which are surprisingly affordable.

Whether you visit the group’s Pasir Ris branch or their Ang Mo Kio branch, you can rest assured knowing they’ll rectify your problem in a jiffy. The dePacific Dental Group offers various services, including general, advanced and cosmetic dentistry. Suffice to say, there isn’t much that they cannot handle!

Thomson Dental Centre

Those that are looking for a Singapore dental centre, which is suitable for the entire family, should look no further than Thomson Dental Centre. The group has even employed a child specialist to make their services even more versatile and family-friendly. The group goes above and beyond to ensure that each patient receives access to a dentist, who sincerely cares about their wellbeing and the outcome of their services.

The group is capable of accepting almost any health insurances, including Cynergy, IHP and AIA. They also offer services to those benefiting from CHAS and Medisave benefits. By contacting one of their patient service representatives, clients will be able to instantly confirm whether or not their insurance is accepted. Within the client’s waiting and in-treatment rooms, patients will be able to enjoy television, noise-cancelling headphones and even neck pillows. If you want to receive your dental services in luxury, you’ve definitely got to check out Thomson Dental Centre!


Healthway Medical Corporation

If you reside in Singapore, you have most likely heard of Healthway Medical, which is one of the best dental care service providers. The professional staff strives to provide a calming environment for their patients to help them overcome their fears throughout the entire process. The medical group employs a long list of general medical and specialist disciplines, aesthetics, ophthalmology, general surgery, cardiology, restorative and surgery dental.

The Healthway Medical Corporation has been providing various medical services to the Singapore area since 1990 and has now developed a network in Shanghai, China. With more than 100 medical facilities, offering a wide range of services, you are guaranteed 100% holistic healthcare.


Dental Plus

Dental Plus is, without a doubt, one of the leading dental clinics within the country of Singapore. The group has been in business for over 10 years and they’re incredibly dedicated. In fact, they operate everyday of the week, including Saturday and Sunday! The group has specifically trained their dentists to ensure that they’re gentle and offer the most efficient service possible. The Dental Plus dentistry group is CHAS accredited and also works with AIA Dental Card holders to help ensure clients receive the most affordable prices possible.

Dental Plus is also Medisave accredited and can save those on Medisave benefit substantially. The group offers services from some of Singapore’s best and most experienced dentists, including Dr. Ng Kuen Siew and Dr. Aidan Yeo. They offer everything you could ever need, including braces, bridges and treatment for bleeding gums. Setting up an appointment with Dental Plus is never a mistake!


Coast Dental

Coast Dental, which is located in Katong, is easily accessible and offers all of the services consumers will ever need. The clinic embodies the theme of the ocean in hopes of establishing a relaxing, calm environment, which is capable of eliminating your dentistry anxiousness. The group employs some of Singapore’s top dentists, including Dr. Nijam A. Latiff. This thoroughly trained dentist has served in various institutions, including the Singapore Armed Forces, The National Dental Centre, and Singhealth Polyclinics.

All of the dentists at Coast Dental have undergone extensive training in various fields, including implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry. No matter what type of problem you’re dealing with, you can guarantee Coast Dental will be able to deliver total rectification. If you need dental services in Singapore, you should be sure to check them out immediately!


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