I have list down a few key points on how to grow your business online. Its a simple easy straightforward beginner understanding on the importance of each point.

OnPage SEO

As everyone uses Google search engine, one of the most important thing to do is let Google understand what your website is about. OnPage SEO means doing the work on your title and content on your website to let Google understand what your website is selling so Google can rank you on the relevant keywords. If you are not ranking in Google at all, start editing your title and content of website to more relevant keywords. But first you need to do keyword research.

Keyword Research

In order to properly do OnPage SEO, you need to know how to do keyword research. If the keyword is not search by anyone, then ranking that keyword serve no purpose. Finding a keyword relevant to your business with at least more than a thousand search per month can help you rank on a profitable keyword. Start doing keyword research and play a long term SEO strategy game.

When your keyword start to rank at the first page, money will start to flow in easily through organic search instead of using Google Ads. You can approach Growbusiness for a keyword research report for your business at a very affordable rate. Keyword research report gives you all the relevant keyword related to your business, monthly search and more.

OffPage SEO

Start listing on website directory like GrowBusiness to gain more backlinks. The more backlinks you have, the better ranking your website can get. Backlinks basically means your website links that are on other poeople website. The best backlinks are naturally links created by other online user on recommending your website or reference a keyword to your website. Remember not to spam too much links and link on website that are spammy and not legit. Try to build your backlinks in a natural way. You can start off by building your first link at Growbusiness.


At the meantime when you are still working on your website SEO to attract organic search. You can bypass the queue by gaining user attention using advertisement. You can use Google ads or Facebook ads to start targeting the user you want. For Google you need to target the relevant keyword with the best amount of search. You will need a keyword report to do that. For Facebook Ads, you can target a certain group of people with certain interest related to your business.

Competitor Research

You can also do a short cut by researching on your competitor strategies on SEO and SEM. By looking at your competitor successful tactics on gaining sales and presence online, you can save a lot of cost through testing. Just repeat what they have already tested out that is working and use it. GrowBusiness also provide competitor research report at a affordable rate to help you save a lot of money from testing.

Organic Content

Google also place a high importance on website that have organic content. Organic content means content is unique and not duplicated from other website. This help to show Google that you are providing good content for its search engine and its user. By targeting a good keyword with high word count of content, it helps you to rank much easier than your competitor.

Website analytics

After trying all the technique above, its time to analyze what your website users behavior. Understanding when and where they exit and stay at the page the most helps to understand where your mistakes are. Getting instant feedback on their behavior for each newly implemented marketing tactics can help you save a lot of time and cost. It greatly helps to identify each problem and start providing solutions for it.

Google Business Listing

Google local business listing is a great way to increase your online presence when other users search for a specific service on Google map, they may notice your business. Another importance of Google business listing is their reviews, many people use it to look at their reviews before choosing their service. If you are not sure about your products and services, you may not want to list it there first, it may do more harm than good. Business with high rating of reviews has gain a lot more sales because of that. Business with bad reviews will affect their sales.


Once you build up a brand or image online, you need to start maintaining it. One period of bad product or service can increase the amount of complains and bad ratings online on Google business or forums. This may end up be searchable on the search engine when your company service keyword is being search. People may avoid your service when they see it.

Mobile Responsive

Google place a very high importance for your website to be able to view properly in mobile. As mobile users has increase more than desktop users, your website being mobile responsive is a must. You will miss more than 50% of sales and presence online if your website only cater to desktop. We can help change your website to a mobile responsive design.

Website Speed

Another very important criteria for Google to rank your website is your website loading speed. If your website loading is slow, you may never able to rank close to page 1. remove unneeded modules or flashy animation. Optimize your image to a smaller size. Use better hosting, servers located in Singapore, caching to not re-download images again, etc.