Weddings without flowers is like cake without icing. It can still stand, but it lacks a certain charm and magic. So naturally, picking the right blooms for such a momentous occasion requires careful thought and deliberation. Apart from the theme, you need to consider the overall vibe you want to achieve for your dream wedding. After all, flowers do tie everything together—style, atmosphere and overall aesthetic. Before talking to a wedding florist who may rattle off generic blooms in their wedding inventory, try to determine your preferred floral style. In case you have not yet decided on the perfect blossoms, here are a few flowers you may want to consider for your big day.

Local blooms

The move towards sustainability is seeping into the fabric of society, the wedding industry included. In keeping with this practical and “go local” movement, more and more brides are opting for seasonal and local flowers to use in their weddings. Fortunately, tropical flowers are on trend. They add a bit of exotic and edgy element to an otherwise traditional affair.

Nudes and muted pink

Vintage weddings are still popular for its luxurious, feminine and classic appeal. Nudes and muted colours work well to accentuate the vintage feel. For flowers, dusky and champagne pink roses are perfect choices. You can even add pink cymbidium orchids for added texture.

White flowers

White is the traditional wedding hue, so it is understandable for certain brides to select colourful flowers to add a pop of shade. Yet there is something timeless and elegant about white roses and flowers. And minimalism is another movement on the rise. To choose white on white is ideal if you prefer a clean, crisp and sophisticated palette.

Pantone green

After being announced as the colour of the year, various businesses and industries are embracing green. It may not be a conventional colour choice for weddings, but a touch of this verdant hue can add a refreshing vibe and lushness to the occasion. It need not be limited to filler foliage and leaves on stems. You can incorporate green chrysanthemums to perfectly complement a bouquet of white roses.


For looser and more laid-back wedding set-ups, wildflowers are your friends. They may not be the preferred delicate and romantic blooms typically gifted through flower delivery in Singapore, but they’re abundant, fuss free and attractive. Tiny blossoms like daisies and perennial buds tie in quite well with flowing hairstyles and bohemian-themed weddings. Their texture and freshly-picked appearance may just be the thing you’re looking for especially for a summer or outdoor wedding.