Facebook has certainly usurped the social networking world. Almost every business, be it small or big; a new entrant or an established one, has a Facebook page dedicated to the business, giving a great deal of information about the brand’s products and the core essence of the business. A lot goes into getting more likes to the page. Having an audience is the foremost thing that impacts the likes on the page. There should be an engaged community of audience to get attracted to the right content.
Here are the top 10 ways to increase your brand’s likes on its Facebook Page.

1. Post Engaging, Relevant and Valuable Content:

Content is definitely the king! Posting the right content which is relevant to the page is absolutely necessary for the right audience to connect instantly with the brand’s page. Your posts should be likeable and should create that feeling of sharing it right away. You get more “Likes” and more “Shares”. These shares translate to even more “Likes”. Your content should be exciting enough for the right audience to anticipate for more. A valuable content like a great article or even a website link, which is related to your product, once in a while is very productive for your brand’s page.

2. Be Consistent and Active:

A consistent approach to posting updates on Facebook is very rewarding. People following your brand’s page eagerly look forward for new posts almost every other day. Being active and following a consistent approach, makes your posts on the page appear every day in the newsfeed. One post a day is highly recommended. Otherwise, a minimum of 3 posts per week is ideal. With great relevant and engaging content at hand, it becomes easy to be active in posting new updates.

3. Post at Peak Timing:

Posting new updates every day at the peak time, when most of the users / audience is online, makes great sense. This helps in keeping the majority of the target audience engaged. Make good use of Facebook page insights to get to know more about your audience and optimise it to post updates at the peak time.

4. Run a contest:

Facebook contests are great ways of drawing attention and likes to a brand’s page. By following the Facebook promotion guidelines and by running Facebook contests, audience attention is engaged. But make sure that these contests are easy, fun and relevant to your page. These contests should make users want to share the results with other friends, thereby increasing the numbers in participation and consequently the likes. Make use of tools like Facebook ads to promote your contest. It is also an indirect way of promoting your brand page and getting more likes.

5. Use Eye-Catching Images:

A picture speaks a thousand words. This is so aptly true here too. The images that you use for display should be of high quality resolution and should be eye catchy and should catch the audiences’ attention. Using only plain text is not such a good idea. Plain text updates with relevant pictures or videos are great ways to attract the right audience. Make sure your posts have good quality images, as images are more likely to be shared.

6. Use Facebook Insights to Measure, Analyse, and Learn:

Facebook has so many tools that you can use to maximise your brands’ presence in the social media. Study these tools and use them effectively to garner more likes to your business page. One of the most important tools is the Facebook Insights tools. This tool provides information about the activity of people on the Facebook page.

Since a Facebook page is a public space, the engagement of the audience with the page is also public. Hence this gives you, the page manager or owner of the page, access to the activity on your page. You get to know information about the demographics — country, city, and language and how people are responding to your posts. The posts with maximum number of likes and shares are the ones that audience is greatly engaged in. So, post similar kind of posts and reach out more often to your target customers.

Analysing the Page Insights and working around them, makes a great step towards getting more likes, because people are more likely to get attracted to the relevant content. This tool helps you to understand what posts people are responding to, in which geographic area and the age group that the people belong to.

7. Use Facebook Ads to Expand Your Reach:

Facebook Ads is another great tool and a way to get more likes to the page. The advertisements can be customised by the page owners / managers and these help in reaching more customers who might be interested in the brand, based on the preferences that people exhibit while on Facebook.

These ads are paired with a social action button, such as liking of a page / post; sharing of a post etc. This is one way of reaching out to more people and more likes.

Use the right advertisement tool to boost your page likes/ post likes and build your brand’s community on Facebook.

8. Include Facebook Like Boxes on Your Website and Blog:

There are many social media plug-ins available, which can be embedded in your brand’s website or blog. The Facebook page / Like button, helps you to promote your page on your website, without visitors having to leave the website.

9. Invite Existing Contacts to Like Your Page:

Send out a friendly invitation to the existing contacts to like your brand’s Facebook page. A personal message or even a mail inviting your existing business contacts and other friends directly or indirectly related, to like the page, increases the number of likes that a page gets.

10. Include a Call to Action Button to Share and Like Your Page:

Having a Call to Action Button prompts the users to share and like the content more often. It is a kind of a nudge that the page gives to its audience to react in the way that increases the likes.

Go ahead and try out these methods to increase the likes on your brand’s Facebook page!

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