The internet has simply taken over everything from gathering information to selling things. In a few decades, even the oldest generation will be equipped with incredible online skills such as coding, online marketing, selling stuff online and even gaming! It will be a world where all generations are able to communicate with each other online. If everything can be done online, then more interaction between many roles will be completed online. There will be more and more ways to earn money online.

Making money online also greatly reduce the start up expenses unlike retail and TV marketing expenses can cost as much as 10 online businesses start up cost. Here are some ways that I think that all generations of Singaporean can try to earn extra income online.


Earning money through gaming has shock the older generation in the past 10 years. If you are good at gaming or have a sense of humor when streaming, you can earn an amazing income up to millions per year. “Dota”, the MOBA game is the first to have a competition prize money of 1 million dollar. You can simply start streaming yourself on twitch to earn money online or if you are super talented and feel that this particular game is too easy for you, you can join a team and start going for competition. There is more and more competition going on with huge prize money, not just Dota.

If you are still studying and have free time, you can also opt for game beta tester. You can be beta game testers for big companies while earning money. It’s a dream job for gamers who love to try many types of games. You can also understand more about game mechanics which helps to make you stream games better or win competition easier. Having a huge playing hours over others can give you a great head start on beating the game easily. Beta game testers will be a huge income opportunity for youngsters who are passionate about gaming.

E-commerce store

With Taobao and Alibaba supplying so many goods to the world, Selling stuff online has never been easier. Although this market is pretty saturated, its still much better than setting up a retail store in Singapore that cost up to 5 figures per month. The big corporation who hardly decrease the rents even in bad markets has kills all the entrepreneur spirits in Singapore. Luckily almost everything that you can sell can be shift to the internet. The cost of rental in Singapore can let you test at least 10 markets online. Each online shop can cost as little as $1000. The most important thing is to find a special unique niche product to sell.

There’s a few websites that helps you search for unique and special products like etsy, printify, taobao, etc. I wont list everything as you can search a big list easily online. You can also start building your ecommerce platform using WordPress, Shopify, Facebook, etc. I would recommend WordPress if you know a little bit of coding as its much cheaper. Shopify have too many plugin that charge monthly fee but its a lot easier to manage your shop in Shopify.

Do note that you do not need to just sell to Singaporeans. With globalization, everything is connected, you can have many plugins ready to support you to sell to anyone in the world. Marketing platform like Facebook and Google are also available for you to start reaching out your targeted audience.


Proving a service online can be a way to earn money too. If you have skills like writing, designing, programming, etc. You can offer your skills to those who need it. You can sign up to freelancer, fiverr, upwork website to start connecting to millions of people looking to hire your service. I would say this field is super saturated and could be much easier to earn 5 to 10 years back. Due to developing countries having access to the internet, they have started to offer services at a cheaper rate and have gain good amount of reviews. In order for you to earn good money as freelancers, your reputation and review is very important. It would be hard to compete as Singaporean cost of living is higher.

If you are still studying, have a special and unique skill set or want to have some experience in providing services to others, you can try to sell your service online. If you manage to build a good amount of review, you can actually earn at least 5 figures per month, but the first few years will be very tough.

Affiliate marketer

If you are not interested in finding product or creating your own product, you can be the middleman of selling. Simply sign up to some affiliate programs and start marketing it. Media files and links will be given to you and you can start promoting it in many ways. If you have a blog, channel, Instagram, you can just share it to them.

The key point is to pick a good products and dont sell it in a spammy way. It’s tough to earn as an affiliate marketer if you don’t have a platform to sell. Facebook and Google ads will usually reject your ads if you sell it directly. The minimum requirement you need is to have a website with decent traffic.

Online marketing

This skill is closely related to affiliate marketing and freelancing. Skills like SEM and SEO are very crucial to help you increase online exposure on the internet. Without this, even if you have a wonderful product, you may not be able to sell anything.

You can learn how to do SEM by learning how to manage Google ads and Facebook ads. You can start by creating an ad for a product with a budget as small as 3 dollar per day. The entry to learning is cheap unlike setting up a retail store.

SEO is also important to let Google understand what your website is about, the keyword you are targeting and how to rank your website higher in Google search. If you manage to rank your website high in Google, you can earn a lot of traffic and sales without any SEM cost. Each Google only has 10 position for one page, and only the first 3 position has the best conversion of sales. Google organic position is like real estate in the real world, the more you have, the more passive income for you. This is the reason why SEO services is so costly.

You can earn money online by providing these skills to small businesses in Singapore or connect to international businesses through freelancer websites. As usual, building up reputation is hard but once it gets going, freelancer can earn much better value than 9-5 jobs. When i mean value, it includes your freedom in it.


If you know how to code, you can basically create anything. In the real world, you may not know how to do many things, but in the virtual world, your code can magically be anything. If you have the skills to code, search for problems in society and solve it with your software, apps, websites, etc.

Many billionaire companies are all related to tech and more and more fields will be moving towards the virtual world. If you do not know how to code, you can learn it yourself through online courses. There are courses that give you online certificates and many tech companies are open to hire people with online certificates, they do not look at university degrees anymore.

This is one of the most important skills in the future, learning the basic theory of coding is extremely important so you can easily learn other languages too. Sadly, in Singapore, parents does not see the importance even though they are living in a first world country seeing so many changes in the world. Their kids are still opting with saturated degrees that no companies can keep popping out to hire all of them. School education is optional as the internet is your best learning place if used the right way.


As long as you have some followers nowadays, you can call yourself an influencer… because you can influence some people and make some sales. If you are not camera shy and have an interest making content through social media, you can try to be an influencer. I always think being an influencer in Singapore is not easy as Singapore market is too small and it’s hard for us to attract international audience due to our accent and culture?

If you are interested in this field, one way to increase your follower is to be a youtuber, I would recommend that content must be frequent and unique to make a bunch of loyal followers. Doing copy paste content like 10 types of blah blah blah will only benefits the first few channels who did that and your followers are most likely theirs.

Another way is to post pretty and sexy photos on Instagram which can gain lots of followers easy. Who cares right? The amount of followers means the amount of people you can influence, it’s the best way to earn money online from sponsors.


Nobody should ignore how to invest. Financial management is one of the most important skills to get you out of poverty or rat race and knowing how to invest helps to build your wealth even faster. It’s important to invest the amount you are willing to lose, maybe around 20 to 30% of your savings. Clear your debt, have some emergency funds and start investing. 

In the online world, you can just sign up a stock or cryptocurrency account and trade all day. Day trading is not recommended unless you are a genius in predicting the market. Value investing is the way to go for anyone who have some money to spare monthly.

By learning how to value each stocks and coins, you can get into a good position that won’t make you lose sleep. The discipline to sell when reaching your target is important too. Learning how to invest is a lifelong learning commitment that should be learned at a young age in schools.

Online teaching

As schools all over the world is getting more and more boring, people are opting to learn skills online. It’s also cheaper for anyone who just want to learn a new skills after they graduate. Online course website like Udemy, Skillshare, Codecademy, etc are giving people a chance to teach anyone around the world and earn money at the same time.

They are websites that do live streaming teaching on skills like singing, languages, etc. If you are really good at something, Being an online tutor can help you earn an extra income. In the future, online certificates will as good as university degrees. What you learn online or in the outside world is much more valid than in schools. Schools only delay your maturity and give you an excuse to start doing actual thing.  

Creating Products

I guess this is the hardest? Most of us are being influenced from young to get into jobs that service others instead of creating something. Maybe some of the few people who are actually passionate in fields like engineering and programming. The rest only got into it because their grade couldn’t get into other courses.

You can create your own brands and products like creating a new software and sell it to others, making a websites that solve a problem, creating a new brand of clothing online, selling your art online, etc. There are many ways that you can do it and test market at a low cost. The only thing wasted is your time, but it will not be a waste if this is your dream to produce something of your own.