Sports Massage is facing more and more demands as people start to pick up sports activities for health benefits. Modern people are focus more on their work-life balance healthy lifestyle and begin to spend more time on sports. Because of that, sports injuries is happening not just on athletics but on any modern working adults. Choosing a good sports Physiotherapist for your sports injury treatment is important for your recovery.

In Touch Physio

In Touch Physio is a well established physiotherapy practice in Singapore, conveniently located at Raffles Place in Singapore’s CBD. They established in 2005 in Singapore and built its reputation on personal, professional and progressive physiotherapy and rehabilitation services. Their multinational team of physiotherapists are internationally trained in Australia, New Zealand or UK and are highly skilled and experienced.

They are dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of sports injuries and musculoskeletal problems. They believe in empowering people to help themselves and be active in their own recovery. Their focus is on treating the cause of the injury and not just the symptoms.

Their goal is to resolve pain, minimize injury time, maximize function and promote early return to activity and sport. They also analyse and address core issues for the individual, to then be able to advise on injury prevention.

Pro Physio

At Pro Physio, their experienced and internationally trained Principal Physiotherapist ensures that their clients receive the highest standard of care which is customized to their needs.

They are strategically located in the heart of Singapore Central Business District (CBD). Their clinic is easily accessible by clients who are working or residing within the CBD area. Their clinic is just 5 minutes walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT station (East West Line) and 8 minutes walk from Telok Ayer MRT station (Downtown Line). This allows their clinic to be reachable from anywhere in Singapore.

Pro Physio is one of the few physiotherapy clinics in Singapore which provides pool therapy on site for rehabilitation. The sheltered swimming pool on SBF Center Sky Terrace enables clients to have pool exercises with their physiotherapist at any time of the day.

Singapore Pain Solutions

Established in 2015 by 2 highly experienced professional chiropractors, Singapore Pain Solutions’ vision is to become one of the best chiropractic providers in the Asia Pacific, helping patients to manage their back pain problems through authentic chiropractic treatment services and specialized treatments like Spinal Decompression Therapy.

At Singapore Pain Solutions, Chiropractic is their main focus but they are also working with well experienced Senior Orthopedic Surgeon, Personal Trainer, and licensed nutritionist to ensure a more comprehensive assessment of their patients’ health conditions. At Singapore Pain Solutions, their strength comes from their hybrid combination of their vast experience in sports injury, pediatric chiropractic, pregnancy chiropractic, nutrition for fitness and many other areas.

Singapore Pain Solutions is the number one choice of chiropractic service provider in Bodybuilding, Fitness and Sports Community. They are the only chiropractors who are recognised by National Bodybuilding Association World Fitness Federation Singapore.

Health 2 U

Health2u was started in Singapore to provide a professional physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy service to adults and children in their home, workplace, carehome or sports ground. Fitness, massage and nutrition services are now also offered.

The aim is to match the speciality of the therapist with the clients needs. Therefore they have on their team therapists specialising in pain, after surgery, sports injury, neurological problems, paediatric problems and care of the elderly. The team includes both local and international therapists. In addition the service is highly convenient offering early morning, evening and weekend appointments in addition to throughout the day.

They are able to provide all the usual clinic or studio equipment to you at your home and work. Their service removes the following hassles of going to a clinic:

  • cuts out time of travelling to and from a clinic or studio
  • no taxi fares
  • no issues finding a parking space or public transport delays
  • no need to arrange child care
  • opportunity to be seen at a time that is convenient and fits around your life

Strong Massage

Strong Massage isn’t a massage place or a spa that simply happens to offer sports massage amongst its menu of services. They are simply a Sports Massage place. STRONG MASSAGE! strictly specialises in sports massages.

Their sports massage therapists are trained and have years of experience working with athletes at various levels of competition including their national athletes and triathletes who compete regionally.

Their clients come to them to perform better at their sports, not as a means of relaxation. Some of the top level athletes in Singapore for swimming, cycling and running sees us as part of the training regime. As part of the rehab musculo-skeletal specialists group, injury from wrongful massage is minimised.

STRONG MASSAGE!™ is a division of Core Concepts, a leading musculo-skeletal therapy specialist group in Singapore. Established in 2003, it is the largest leading physiotherapy group in Singapore

Core Concepts

Established in 2003, Core Concepts is the largest private physiotherapy group in Singapore with a team of specialist physiotherapists, occupational therapists, sports massage therapists and sports trainers. In addition to providing home base therapy, talks, workshops and corporate workplace health consultancy work, the group operates 8 clinics centrally located across the island.

They manage the health of their body’s bones, muscles and other components of the body’s musculoskeletal system, that provides form, stability, and movement to the human body. The musculoskeletal system consists of the body’s bones (skeleton), muscles, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, joints, and other connective tissue that holds your organs in place.

They differentiate ourselves by not simply seeing the problem through possible solutions, but rather with understanding your condition first. This is called clinical or differential diagnosis. The Core Concepts Physiotherapy group consists of several divisions or areas of focus specialising in different areas of the musculoskeletal system.

Urban Rehab Physio

They provide deep tissue massage by a dedicated and trained deep tissue and sports massage therapist who has been providing massage since 2002 in our physiotherapy clinic in Singapore.

What makes it effective compared to the usual massage outside is because they come from a clinical perspective of deep tissue release and sports massage – of course, working with a team of licensed physiotherapists and occupational therapists (who have studied the human anatomy and physiology, graduated, more than a thousand hours of clinical practice plus clinical experience), collectively they understand the body much better than anyone else.

They are able to prescribe and perform a variety of massage techniques that can improve the function of affected muscles and soft tissues in daily tasks and activities. What they do is they treat tender and tense areas strategically with least discomfort for maximal muscle de-tense. What they also will do is to provide you with home or workplace exercises and stretches to help you with muscle relaxation between sessions, to help reduce risks of re-injury or re-occurrence of muscle strains and stress.

Physio and Sole

Physio & Sole Clinic offers sports physiotherapy in Singapore for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts, including individuals with exercise-related injuries.

  • Their physiotherapists will help you understand why your injury occurs and identify aggravating factors that contribute to the injury treatment.
  • Treatment such as ice, soft tissue release techniques and biomechanical assessment can help reduce your pain.
  • They will also help you return to sports quickly and to perform at a satisfactory level. This involves the analysis of sports -specific skills and identification of potential areas for improvement, such as poor flexibility or muscular endurance after injury. Upon evaluation, an individualised exercise programme can be developed during the physiotherapy session to enhance the individual’s recovery.

City Osteopathy & Physiotherapy

City Osteopathy and Physiotherapy provides the very best bio-mechanical assessment, manual therapy, rehabilitation, and complimentary general healthcare. They use a multidisciplinary approach by offering Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy and other physical therapies. They also provide Supplements, Sports Nutrition and natural remedies.

Whilst they see many patients in acute pain, they also manage the more chronic issues and offer long-term support to allow their patients to continue playing sports and participate in daily activities. Many of their patients present with non-sporting injuries which they also help to rehabilitate back to full function whatever their level of activity.

Patients and their well-being always come first at City Osteopathy and Physiotherapy. If the need arises, and in the interest of providing the best possible care for their patients, they are only too happy to refer to other medical practitioners for diagnostic testing and surgical opinion or to other therapists within or outside our clinic. They do this with confidence, because they have the patients best interests at heart and want to help them find the best resolution to their problem.

Physio 101 Clinic

Physio 101 is a modern, state-of-the-art clinic operating in the middle of Singapore’s CBD. Their highly experienced Physiotherapists assess and treat all manner of injuries. Physio 101 was set up with the goal of bringing evidence-based Physiotherapy treatments to optimise all patients’ outcomes in Singapore.

Physio 101 aims to apply evidence-based Physiotherapy principles throughout your rehabilitation journey. They are passionate about ensuring that their patients gain a full understanding of their diagnoses, treatments and expected outcomes, giving them more control over their return to optimal health.

they are highly experienced in the following:

  • Pain Management
  • Post-Surgical rehabilitation
  • Sports Injuries
  • Manual Therapy
  • Dry Needling
  • Neuro-Rehabilitation

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