Singaporean have lots of love on Japanese food mainly because of their focus on freshness and quality ingredient during food making process. Japan is also one of the top travel destination for Singaporean. Below is a list of 10 best Japanese restaurant in Singapore.


32 Years Of Consistent Quality – We’re committed to perfecting flavours and aromas so that you can have the best quality experience, every time.

Satisfy Your Senses – Rich sake at surprisingly low prices… Fresh-off-the grill Japanese cuisines…Savour Shinjuku’s full range of a la carte specialties over dinner or enjoy a quick mid-day affair lunch with affordable set meals.

Shinjuku Atmosphere – We’re not just the first choice for Japanese expats. We’re the only Izakaya you’ll recommend to your friend1s once you experience it.



Whether you are on a look out for a place to unwind, or looking to indulge your senses for quality Japanese food, Shin Minori offers exactly that. It’s the place to whet your appetite for a startling and truly enticing Japanese cuisine.

With an extensive sumptuous selections of more than 160 ala-carte buffet menu items, comprising of 7 varieties of fresh sashimi, 21 varieties of nigiri sushi, 17 varieties of temaki (hand rolls) , 24 varieties of sushi rolls, 4 kinds of teppanyaki dishes, gyoza, pizza and tempura, 27 varieties of sumiyaki dishes and over 60 types of cooked dishes and many more, their dining guests are invariably spoilt for choice.

An extensive selection of sake and shochu is the other highlights of Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant. Sake lovers will be pampered by Shin Minori’s wide selection of sake and competitive pricing.

Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant aims to redefine hospitality and aspires to create an uplifting service culture that every of their customers will remember their pleasant dining experience with them.

They will always make every effort to give every guest more than they expect.



Nanbantei offers you an AUTHENTIC slice of the yakitori culture which first originated in Japan. They are possibly the longest-running and one of the first JAPANESE YAKITORI restaurants in Singapore.

You are welcome to enjoy your meal in their cozy dining corners, but they feel the best experience is seated by the counter in the thick of action. There, you get a front-row seat of your meal prepared before your very eyes and the skill and care taken by their yakitori chefs to serve you, fresh off the grill.

This simple art of cooking with the finest ingredients over an open flame is evident from meats like chicken wings and tsukune (chicken meatballs), which are nicely charred on the outside, while its insides explode with flavour.

They offer a wide selection of a la carte skewered meats, seafood and vegetables, as well as a choice of many bento sets. Perfectly seasoned and lovingly grilled over charcoal, their distinct difference in quality can be tasted in each juicy bite.

En Sushi

En Sushi

Taking on a trendy approach to contemporary Japanese dining, En Sushi features an extensive menu of Sushi, Sashimi, Donburi, Maki, Hand Rolls and Yaki (Grill) – a sumptuous repast of authentic Japanese delights that offer incredible value for money. With more than two decades of culinary experience in Japanese cuisine under his belt, Chef Kenneth Tan crafts each delicate dish to bring out the best mouth-watering flavours of Japanese food for those with a refined and discerning palate.

Over years of friendship built on trust with direct food suppliers in Japan, Co-owner Kenneth Koh brings in ingredients incomparably priced for its freshness and quality, making Japanese feasts easy on the wallet at En Sushi. In addition to the cozy atmosphere encompassing the warm decorations of modern Japanese furnishings, En Sushi brings customers a tranquil and casual culinary experience of quality authentic Japanese delicacies that is not only culturally stimulating, but also one of decadent indulgence.

Suju Masayuki

The Suju Masayuki in Singapore began with the hope to introduce this natural Japanese taste to the global customers. They wish you relish your time at Suju Restaurant. Suju Singapore puts effort especially into “rice and miso soup”, which is the pillar of Japanese dining tables. Brown rice and miso arrive directly from the local market of Nagano.

The brown rice, in order to serve in the best condition, is polished every morning and cooked with copper pot. Fresh fish which is essential in Japanese cuisine, is selected and delivered by air from the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. They hope you enjoy their sheer Japanese menu, as well as the unique collaboration with ingredients selected locally.

Shinji by Kanesaka

Shinji by Kanesaka is an extension of 1 Michelin star Chef Shinji Kanesaka’s Edo-style sushi restaurant first set up in Tokyo’s exclusive Ginza district. The deep-rooted philosophy underpinning this endeavour is simply a passionate desire to share an appreciation for age-old Japanese culinary traditions without compromising its integrity.

Shinji by Kanesaka pays homage to the core of Japanese culture and art as defined by ‘kata’ and ‘do’. True to the spirit of its heritage, the restaurant is built on a carefully woven foundation of key elements which promises an authentic dining experience.

An omakase menu (a menu selection entrusted entirely to the chef) is featured and skillfully executed by a native Japanese team of artisan chefs with Master Chef Koichiro Oshino at the helm. Further embodying the Japanese fine dining experience is the restaurant’s okami-san who makes sure that restaurant guests are cared for.

SUN with MOON Japanese Dining & Cafe

SUN with MOON Japanese Dining & Cafe, the epitome of Japanese savoir faire, is a combination of both dining and a cafe concept, represented by the two elements of nature.

Their menu sees a wide variety of authentic traditional Japanese fare alongside an array of modern Japanese dishes thoughtfully created by Executive Chef, Mr. Toshio Sawai.

Every detail in the restaurant are given the utmost attention to appeal to all senses – from the fashionable settings and spacious open kitchen, to food presentation and elaborate tableware.

Experience for yourself a sumptuous spread of quality Japanese fare in a casual and trendy setting, or a relaxed and cosy afternoon of sweet temptations with your favourite cuppa.

Aoki Restaurant

This 36-seater restaurant offers the ultimate fine dining experience in Japanese haute cuisine. Aoki reopened in June 2017 with a brand new look by Japanese interior designer, Yasuhiro Koichi. The pristine interior features panels of Kumiko Zaiku, an intricate traditional Japanese woodwork as well as geometric patterned doors and wall panels, embodying the essence of Zen minimalism.

Owner Chef Kunio Aoki presides over the sushi bar and kitchen. His culinary style is traditional, yet with modern undertones that keep his creations refreshingly contemporary. Unstinting in his demands to serve only the best produce sourced directly from Toyosu Market and other artisanal suppliers from all over Japan, he has garnered a loyal following over the years.

Sushi Kimura

Sushi Kimura, a 22-seater fine-dining sushi-ya, provides guests a private and intimate setting designed to invoke tradition and the four seasons through the use of centuries-old Noren (room dividers), heirlooms of Chef Kimura, and fine Japanese earthen wall plastering, each shade representing a season.

Throughout the restaurant, there are added personal touches from Chef Kimura as an ode to those who have taught him – a ceremonial tea set hand-painted by his master and personally hand-carved stamps on the placemats refecting the Japanese symbol for the current season.

Guests can expect to enjoy seasonally curated Edomae-style delicacies, fresh premium ingredients from different parts of Japan, complemented with personally sourced organic staples and a meticulously paired sake and wine list.

The Gyu Bar

The Gyu Bar

The Gyu Bar is a contemporary Yakiniku dining and bar concept that specializes in premium Wa-Oh Japanese beef from Kumamoto. Set in a modern setting reminiscent of old world elegance, the 35 seater restaurant is the perfect backdrop to create unforgettable conversations and memories for gourmet food lovers and tipple aficionados alike.

The Gyu Bar also diversifies its menu with other quality sourced meats and seafood, organic rice and condiments from specialists farmers and award winning suppliers.

In the spirit of ‘Omotenashi’, The Gyu Bar offers guests a first glass of sake on the house. Each guest is invited to choose their own sake glass from the sake glass feature wall – the owners’ personal collection of over 150 glasses collected from their travels over time.

The Gyu Bar specializes in Wa-Oh beef from the Kumamoto prefecture. This cream of the crop Kuroge breed has been raised in a stress free environment with pristine air quality, naturally purified water carved by the volcanos in Mount Aso. Each cattle has been fed with a custom-blended diet of vegetables.