Choosing a reliable food catering service in Singapore is important for your events. You do not want to choose a service that end up with bad tasting food, lousy service and bad hygiene. Below are list of 10 best food catering service in Singapore

Elsie Kitchen

Elsie Kitchen

Elsie’s Kitchen is one of the pioneer food catering company in Singapore established in 1954, serving a wide range of local and heritage food. Clients can select from a menu of modern and traditional food classics created by passionate authentic chefs who are aiming to be the best in culinary skills and traditions. Their mission in providing their food is by making the food tasty and modern with a touch that is rooted in tradition.  

They have been in food catering business serving the local for 50 years and is a long term partner with many public and private companies in times of emergency. Their past clients consist of many sectors of companies from health care industry, education sector, military to government agencies, serving them an average of more than 20 thousand meals per day.

Elsie’s Kitchen is not just a food company; they are more than that by providing event management services including décor, hiring, floral designing and event concept. They know that clients who ask for their food services needs more than just food, they are look for complete solutions to solve their complex requirements for their events and celebrations.


  • Buffet Meals
  • Tea Reception
  • Mini Takeaway Buffet
  • Bento Packet Meals
  • Wedding | Banquets
  • BBQ | Steamboat
  • Hawker Stall
  • Baby Full Month

Kates Catering

Kates Catering Christmas Party

Kate’s catering started out from a small bakery to a reputed food catering company in Singapore. They are certified Halal by MUIS that aims to provide food to all people of race, language and religion. They also aims to provide healthy eating and living and so their freshly meals are prepared with lesser sugar, oil and salt. Their healthy meals are approved by Health Promotion Board of Singapore as a Healthier Choice Caterer.

They provide a unique service that able to provide breakfast to customers as early as 7am. Freshly brewed tea and coffee with wide range of dishes are made every morning to serve clients that need morning food services. They strive to provide clients a great experience in value, service and taste with their passionate and dedicated team.

  • Healthy Dining
  • Breakfast Buffet
  • High Tea
  • Lunch/Dinner Buffet
  • Bento/Packed Meal
  • Party Pack
  • Snack Pack
  • Seminar Buffet
  • Live Station/Hawker Stall

Orange Clove

Orange Clove

Orange Clove was founded in 2008 when they see a demand for good and tasty food catering for corporate companies. They have since become one of the best corporate caterers in Singapore serving numerous companies yearly. Their catering food mainly focus on cross-cultural dishes fusing Asian and international cuisines with a creative touch. Their vision is to make your event looks good and amazing by impressing your guests with their exquisite gastronomic food. They also focus on the freshness of the food by using only the best and freshest ingredients for their dishes.

They also put great importance on their food safety and quality control of their food by having a team of in-house food safety officers since 2016. One food safety officer will be assigned to each kitchen to conduct random food quality and hygiene checks to ensure that clients are always serve with clean and fresh food.

Almost all of their catering brands are graded with A by AVA and certified under ISO22000 food safety management system.  Their full committed on focusing on food quality control has help them maintain a consistent quality food catering to their clients.

Select Catering

Select Catering founded in 1991 is a one-stop food catering in Singapore with more than 25 years of experience. They have since established great presence in sector like corporate, local community, retail food and institute. Their vision is to serve customers with professional service and superior food quality and become the leading food catering company in Singapore.

They accept all kind of clients groups no matter how big or small order is while maintaining the quality of food. They also provide a wide range of menu that comes with plenty of affordable options cater to all kinds of clients. Their Buffet Style Catering offer the best values in term of pricing if you are looking to save cost. If you needs a customized dietary packages, do contact them first.


  • Banquet
  • Buffet Catering
  • Home & Outdoor Parties
  • Meals Delivery

Mum’s Kitchen

Mum's Kitchen

Mum’s Kitchen was founded in 1996 and have since grown into 50 employees and have two central kitchens for outdoor catering. They are able to provide to all kind of client size from small parties of 20 guests to big corporate events of thousand guests. Their menu has a wide selection of local favourites and international cuisines. They aim to become the best in food catering industry with their trustworthy and professional food quality.

Their food is Halal Certification catering to all people of races and certified as Healthier Dining Party to promote healthy eating. They have won numerous awards over years such as Good Buffet Spread Award, Favourite Wedding Caterer Award and FoodLine Most Popular Caterer, etc. They are proud of their achievement and will strive to maintain their standards. They also constantly upgrade their staff with training to keep up with the latest skills, knowledge on cuisines and creative thinking.


THE PLATTERING CO aims to provide excellent food catering services to clients in terms of food visual and food quality. They understand that every event is different and so their wide range of food options and creative solutions are able to satisfied specifically to each client need. They are confident that their visual aspect of each food platter will leave your guest crazy with photo taking and selfie before eating with great appetite.

Each of their food selection are carefully prepared and source to give you an unforgettable dining experience. They believe that food is a joy and bond that brings people together and it plays an important role in providing a successful family or corporate event.


  • Christmas
  • Western Breakfast
  • Grazing Table & Platter
  • Signature Lunch
  • Beehoon | Nasi Lemak Bar
  • Canape & Light Bites
  • Asian Lunch
  • Bagel Bar
  • Diy Sandwich Bar

Stamford Catering

Stamford Catering founded in 2001 is a halal certified catering services in Singapore to serve a wider range of clients. Many customers have reach out to them for important events such as weddings, high end buffets, home parties and corporate events. They also place high importance in delivery customers with high quality food and professional service. All their ingredients are carefully sourced from the best authorized suppliers at bulk purchases prices. These have provided customers with fresh and delicious food at an affordable cost.

Their competitive rates, creative concepts and wide range of food options have help them established them as one of the leading catering company in Singapore. They have since experience amazing growth in their branding reorganization and business development at all levels of industry sectors, serving big major events such as Youth Olympic Games, SEA Games, OCBC Cycle, and many more.

Their experience and creative team are known as the trendsetter in the food catering industry and so they are able to customize their food taste and display to suit each themes and concept of the client needs. All their employees undergo CCI programme to provide good service at all times. Checks on food quality and hygiene are conducted daily at the backend and mystery shopper and customer feedbacks are received at the frontend to provide them with information on ways to improve further.


  • Home Party
  • Wedding Banquet
  • Baby Shower/ Kids’ Party Celebrations
  • Corporate Functions
  • Cocktail Catering
  • Staff Meal/Cafetaria

Eatz Catering

Eatz Catering has over 10 years of experience in food catering service. Their food is certified halal by MUIS and have a huge selection of halal food options. They strive to provide safely prepared and healthy dishes at a reasonable rate. Whether your event is big or small, they are willing to solve your needs with their professional catering service. They are confident with preparing each client event with unique stylish food presentation that tailored to your requirements.

They also provide unique services such as chefs, butlers and wait staff to make your event more presentable and professional. They can also provide dining logistics such as setting up of chinaware, tables, glassware, etc. Their many service helps you save time and avoid the hassle of engaging many different companies. Enjoy great value with their excellent service and food quality when you engage with Eatz Catering.


  • Baby Showers and Birthdays
  • Buffet & International Buffet
  • Corporate Luncheons & Tea
  • Full-Day Corporate Seminar Packages
  • Executive Lunch Meals (Bento)
  • Lunch Boxes/ Packet Meal
  • Festive Holiday Celebrations
  • Product & Road Show Launches
  • Mini Buffet (for 12pax)
  • Tea Receptions
  • Cocktail Receptions
  • Wedding Reception


  • Local
  • Peranakan
  • Thai
  • Western
  • Chinese
  • International
  • Vegetarian
  • Mediterranean
  • Healthy Menus.

Ronnie Kitchen

Ronnie Kitchen pride themselves as one of the leading Chinese food catering company in Singapore. They believe that every event deserves good food and strive to make each client event a success with their good quality service and good standards. Their wide variety of buffet menu are able to meet different event requirements.

They always aim to impress their client with their best culinary skills and food added with innovative and local flavours. Whether you are ordering for home gathering or big events, they are glad serve you and delivery your food on time. You can also order online by simply select a menu and choose your dishes. Look no further if you are looking for affordable and tasty Chinese food catering service for your event.


  • Buffet Menu
  • Deluxe Buffet Menu
  • Mini Buffet Menu
  • Vegetarian Buffet Menu
  • Bento Box Menu
  • Lunch/Dinner Menu

Shiok Kitchen Catering

Shiok Kitchen Catering previous known as SK Catering has always been an established Halal certified food catering company since founded in 2004. They are famous for its Thai food catering and have grown into more food selection such as Western and Chinese cuisines.  They strive to be the preferred food caterer for corporate and individual events allowing them to enjoy a gastronomical experience.

Their well-trained employees will always provide clients with the highest standard of food quality and service. Their dedication towards food quality will guarantee food are served fresh and tasty. You can start ordering their service for any occasions right now by using their website.


  • Buffet
  • Wedding
  • Baby Shower
  • Cocktail Reception
  • Sit Down Catering
  • Bento
  • Petit Take-away

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