Choosing a good Child care centre in Singapore is important for parents who are working to late hours. They may not have anyone to help take care of their children and had to put their children elsewhere after schools. Child care centres can help you take care of your children homework, playtime and child development in many areas. Choosing a good child care centre can help them grow up healthy in their mental and social development in areas where parents had no time to teach them. Below are the top 10 best child care centres in Singapore.

Pat School House

More than a preschool, they prepare your child to be challengers of the future. For over 30 years, They have impacted the lives of thousands of young minds from aged 2 months to 6 years, empowering and encouraging them to pursue their dreams, however big or small. They believe in being Bold, Vivacious and Inspiring in everything that they do and they impart that to their children – to be confident and courageous, to celebrate childhood, to think and take on the world one little step at a time.

Together with their commitment to inspire every child to be a happy explorer, children from Pat’s Schoolhouse will build a strong foundation to help them realize their fullest potential, growing to become Challengers of the future.

Maple Bear

Offering a rigorous program utilising Canadian methodology and curriculum, Maple Bear has been developed ground up by Canadian teaching experts and refined for the children of Singapore by local childcare education expert Mrs. Patricia Koh, founder of Pat’s Schoolhouse.

Awarded the “Best in Early Years Education Programme” consecutively in 2018/2019 and 2019/2020, Maple Bear Singapore understands the importance and benefits of raising a bilingual child. Using their signature bilingual immersion methodology, their programme incorporates a progressive language structure which encourages children to speak, read and write in both English and Chinese.

The Maple Bear early childhood program is carefully designed: daily routines, activity centres, and the way children acquire knowledge. The program allows children to create, explore, discover, and it offers many opportunities to develop their social, emotional, motor, language, and cultural skills.

Mulberry Learning Centre

Mulberry Learning Centre was started with the dream of creating well-rounded children with imaginative young minds, positive attitudes and strength of character. Over the years, their unique pedagogy has touched the lives of many children and parents. They are recognized for their vibrant Reggio-inspired learning spaces, comprehensive bilingual programmes, holistic development outcomes, and strengths in character development via Habits of Mind.

They have won awards like the Young Parents SG Parents’ Choice award for 3 years running in 2016/17, 2017/18 and 2018/19 under the “Best Holistic Learning Programme” category. They were also previously awarded “Best in Promoting Positive Learning” in the Best of the Best Preschool Awards and they are the first ever preschool network in the world to be certified by The Institute for Habits of Mind from the USA.

Shaws Preschool

They were conceived with a clear objective in mind, to provide a different type of preschool education in Singapore. One which no longer had boring lessons or top down teaching. That was why they established the first preschool in Singapore that emphasised play as a learning experience.

Their lessons are spontaneous and will allow your children to express themselves, work as a team, explore topics and most importantly have fun! Your child will be well prepared for later schooling and life in the care of our dedicated, trained and professional staff.  

Cherie Hearts

Cherie Hearts is a leading care and education provider with Centres located island wide. They believe that children are unique individuals who deserve to reach their potential. Their purposeful multi-literacies curriculum approach enhances children’s holistic growth, allows children to experience personal success and develop a joy for learning.

With specialist care and expertise, and in purposeful partnership with parents, their carefully selected and trained staff seek to nurture and educate their child with a comprehensive foundation in early childhood development, equipping them with critical 21st century skills which in turn contribute towards joy for lifelong learning. 

Genesis Childcare

For more than 27 years, Genesis Childcare Group has been a leader in early childhood care and education. The pre-school arm of Genesis Group has grown from its first centre in 1989 into one of Singapore’s respected early childhood organisations with four centres located around Singapore.

They are passionate about children. Here at Genesis, they believe strongly in catering to each child’s individual’s needs, so as to unleash their full potential. With a wide variety of programmes and learning experiences their passionate teachers partner closely with parents to make each school day a meaningful and enjoyable one for every child.

With their vast array of experience helping preschoolers unleash their full potential, Genesis Childcare is dedicated to making quality preschool education a possibility for every child. Quality education starts today.


Kinderland Educare Services is a member of Crestar Education Group, a leading provider of quality infant care, bilingual kindergarten and preschool education for children 2 months to 6 years of age.

Kinderland’s curriculum integrates the best education approaches and methodologies from the West and the values of morality and inter-personal relationships of the East. This is achieved through a team of in-house expertise in curriculum research and development, continuous teachers’ training and strong affiliations with renowned preschools and institutions of higher learning in different countries.


Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse is part of Nurture Education Group where their very first centre (located in Newton) started as The Kiddiwinkie Place years ago. With changes in the early childhood education landscape and incorporation of their parents’ feedback over the years, Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse was established in 2013. At Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse, they believe in walking with their children, providing them with opportunities to develop into unique individuals.

They strive to nurture their children to become holistic individuals of society, cultivating global-mindedness, school readiness, and also to inspire creativity through their programme in order to shape them into well-rounded entities. Their goal is to allow children to experience not only the educational aspect of learning, but its fun and imaginative side as well.

Faith Educare Centre

An ex-Raffles student, Mrs Lim set foot on the early childhood field over thirty years ago. Orphaned at a very young age, Mrs Lim longed to provide children with quality education and care in a cosy and home-like environment. In 2000, the first Faith Educare Centre was incepted in Sengkang, Singapore.

Over the years, Faith Educare Centre has helped many needy families with value-for-money discounted fee for quality childcare and infant care services at extended operational hours. Due to a stroke, the doctor has advised Mrs Lim to stop at 6 branches. Mrs Lim is married with 3 adult children. Her eldest daughter who has completed her Master’s Degree, is a Pharmacist in Brisbane, Australia. Her 2nd son is a Chef and runs a Mexican Taqueria in Bayfront, Singapore and her 3rd son is pursuing tertiary education. To God be the Glory!

Our Children’s House

At Our Children’s House, every child counts. They see each child as a unique individual, with different talents and abilities, with the potential to develop to the fullest, given the right opportunities. They believe in positively reinforcing the children, to build their self-esteem and to do their best, whether in academics or behaviour wise.

With a clean and safe environment, caring, experienced teachers and Montessori directresses, their children can grow up to be confident, critical thinkers, caring for the environment and the people around them.

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